Foraverboard Panel Installation

FOREVERBOARD Building Panels replaces: Gypsum Wallboard – Backer Boards – Ceiling Tiles – MDF Boards – OSB Boards

Foreverboard is the only healthy, sustainable and affordable wall panel building material on the market today.
  • Water Resistant 

  • Fire resistant

  • Very high freeze/thaw stability. 

  • No organic matters 

  • Mold resistant, fungus and insects. 

  • Grade 4 finish

FOREVERBOARD is a proprietary Magnesium Oxide Wallboard (MgO Wallboard) that has dramatically reduced the vulnerability of drywall to water, fire, insects, mold and mildew.

Besides being extremely durable it is environmentally friendly and leaves no carbon footprint. 


fire and mold resistant construction panels
Robert Plarr Sustainable Homes
Robert Plarr Sustainable Homes


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