“Necessity is the mother of invention” ~ Plato

Annie’s Home

In 2013 Ann Gillis announced to long time friend Robert Plarr she was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) with only months left to live. She wanted the best quality of life available to live out the rest of her journey and asked Robert to build a healthy, sustainable and affordable home for the world to have access to all the wonderful green technologies available today, under one roof. We would call it Annie’s Home.
Robert Plarr is a holistic pioneer of the infamous New Mexico Earthships started in the early 70’s with ground breaking research into what would become the ‘green building movement’.
“There are no healthy, sustainable & affordable building materials on the market today.” ~ Ron Voit – Foreverboard America Inc.
“Life’s greatest challenges push us to new levels and in doing the impossible. Ann has been the inspiration behind Liga Homes and stands as a reminder for us to continue striving to build better, healthier and more affordable homes for American families.” ~ Marvin Baker: Co-Founder off Liga Homes llc. and husband /caregiver to Ann Gillis.

Dakota Forgione: CEO and life long friend of Ann and Marvin’s also became an integral part of bringing to market these truly sustainable homes.

Ann Gillis & Dawn Renee of Traveling Caregivers

Keep It In The Family

Recycled PLastic Homes


From Building Ships To Building Homes

Ann Gillis was originally from Nova Scotia, Canada. Ann’s whole family has a long history of sea fishing. He father started the family business back in 1948 and her brothers and cousins followed suit. Some would become ship builders who brought their craftsmanship to the home construction sector with a fully sustainable home made of 100% recycled plastic bottles!

These brilliant new tiny-homes can withstand all of nature’s brutal elements… like a ship at sea!

Who we are



Marvin Baker


- TV Syndication and NTR Branded Campaigns on over 125 dma's on ABC, CBS & NBC affiliates across the nation. Radio syndication for major record labels in Nashville, TN. Marketed & distributed feature films, documentaries and TV products, all over the world. Excellence In Media” award from Senator’s Hillary Clinton and Conrad Burns in 2004 at an E-911 Awards gala on Capitol Hill - Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. Sophisticated investor in CRE, Entertainment, Antique vehicles, OTC,

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Robert Plarr

Former Marine Recon. Plarr a.k.a. The Wildman has been building, researching and promoting truly sustainable & renewable technologies since the 1970's has been a famed environmental pioneer, creative visionary, author, nutritionist, fitness coach and entrepreneur. Originator of the famous Earthships in New Mexico deserts, Robert built the Energy & Sustainable Educational Center, Dorney Park Musement Center and the famous Angel's Nest fully sustainable mega home.


Dakota Forgione


Dakota Forgione: - Background in the energy, infrastructure and sustainable sectors - Founder one of the largest Medical Waste companies in New York State sold to a NASDAQ - Development and financing structures for a wide range of projects including co-generation, heat recovery and alternative energy facilities both in North and South America - Strategic consulting services for a variety of fortune 500 companies - Senior Executive and Principal in two investment funds


Dough Vaughn


Mr. Vaughn has been a senior finance analyst with major financial institutions such as the former Leader Financial Corporation and Union Planters Mortgage, both now Regions Bank. While there he was responsible for all line of business and product profitability reporting and assisted marketing with customer profitability systems. He was responsible for bringing Risk Adjusted Capital analysis to the savings industry before it became a regulatory requirement. While at Union Planters Mortgage he installed software to amortize and impair test the Mortgage Servicing Rights, some of the most complicated derivative instruments in existence. While at First Tennessee Capital Markets (FTN Financial) he was responsible for marketing the Mergers and Acquisitions departments as well as the Asset Liability and bond accounting departments. He also spent time in Structured Finance working with company issued Collateralized Debt Obligations.